Thursday, February 02, 2006

March 6th, 1901


I did it. I have been inside. How you ask? Let’s just say that if you were to see a gentleman dressed in a blue suit with a clipboard walking your way, and he told you he was a personal inspector for Emperor Wilhelm II, and he demanded he be shown all operations of your business at once or everyone in the company would be fired on the spot, you would let him in. I did not believe that it would have worked but it did Harry and I have so much to show and discuss with you. For starters, so you believe that I have done what I have written, here is a picture I took from one of the work areas that show the variety of models (including ships) that Marklin is producing and here are some of their designs for some electric train sets. Yes, you have read correctly, they have began to make train sets that use electricity as a power source. We are still producing a single engine but we can learn from the Marklin marketing and have a string of cars for our engine to pull. I know they are of European descent but the motor assembly (some even with live steam that actually work like their real counterparts) and track design could be applied to our American prototypes. I also have learned that Marklin has adopted a standard gauge, thus simplifying their production of their models. There is so much to think about Harry and we must sit down upon my return to discuss some ideas. I am off to my relative’s house for a few days and thus this will be my last letter but we shall talk again when I return to Manhattan.

Very sincerely,


Blogger DHH said...

Excellent, Mr. Cowen. I do hope you will continue to keep everyone informed about your travels and your upstart electric train company.

7:00 PM  
Blogger J.C. said...

Might I suggest, that upon your return to America, you give serious consideration into obtaining a patent for the implementation and description of the speed for your electrical car devices.

As your device is smaller in scale than an actual full-size machine, perhaps the term "Scale Miles Per Hour", or "SMPH" for short, would be a suitable term.

I would act on this promptly, knowing the field of competition is bound to increase when these are produced for the larger market.

I wish you great success in this newest venture.

2:48 PM  

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