Thursday, February 02, 2006

Joshua is a twenty-four year old entrepreneur from Manhattan, New York living in the early twentieth century. Recently he has started a small business entitled "The Lionel Manufacturing Company," which is in the business of producing electric model trains. Joshua has decided to take a trip to Berlin, the epicenter of the model train world. Although he will be visiting family, his true motive is to steal a glimpse of the technological advancements occurring in Germany and to relay his discoveries to his business partner and friend, Harry Grant. Joshua has his eye on the well-known Marklin factory which is the world leader in manufacturing of model trains. Frequent correspondence with German relatives has left Joshua with a very decent understanding of the German language. Armed with this linguistic skill and his technological savvy; he travels to Berlin with an open and eager mind.


Blogger Count Orlock said...

These letters appear to be fraudulent. They are inconsistent with known facts, and there are no attribution of sources. I suspect that, since a current corporation is intimately associated with these letters, that these posts might be illegal according to Google inappropriate content standards. The Lionel Corporation will be alerted to this.

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